Technical presentation

How to integrate Heidi into your e-boutique?

If I use the CMS Prestashop

Heidi exists as a module for the CMS Prestashop.

The development of a module for the following CMS is in progress: Magento, Drupal Commerce, Wordpress

There are several advantages to use a module “all-in”:

  • Direct installation from the market place in one click
  • Not any further development needed
  • Automatic integration into the CMS buying process
  • Benefit from the automatic updates

If I use another CMS or solution, or I would like to dispose the module into another tool

If you don’t use Prestashop for your e-boutique, you can implement our Heidi API with your preferred programming language (php, javascript, java, .net, objectifC, iOs…) and adapt the module at any of your projects.

This solution is also valid in the case that you’d like to implement the personalisation module onto another device: mobile, tablet, interactive automat

If you’d like to test the Heidi API, don’t hesitate to contact us so we can provide you a test key.

Presentation of the API

What is it?

Heidi is based on one hand upon a set of web services that are available in our cloud, on the other hand upon a web client for product personalisation.

If the offered Saas service by our API suffices to create a dedicated personalisation tool, the implementation will be highly easy by using the web client.
A native Android and iOs client is in progress to be developed.

The Saas WebServices


Our services are based on a powerful architecture and are largely capable to support the important capacity planning. They provide a set of services that are accessible wherever whenever and usable on any project.

The web applications are the first to profit from them, but not the only ones.

The heavy clients for Windows, MacOS or Linux, the mobile applications for Android and IOS, but also the applications with a tactile or immersive interface as Kinect and the Google Glasses can also profit from them.

Example Ajax

To make the service request RemovePattern in Ajax with JQuery.function testApi() {
       var sendData = {
           'RequestHeader': {
               'Token': 'abs5d1eczefze54564zefds',
               'Locale': 'fr_FR'
           'RequestBody': {
               'PatternId': '1347442992974'
           type: "POST",
           data: JSON.stringify(sendData),
           url: " /RemovePattern",
           contentType: "application/json; charset=utf-8",
           dataType: "json"


The documentation of this API is available via:

The web client


To facilitate the integration of the service layer in a web application we developed a HTML5/JS module that is already done.
This module features its own API to offer a maximum integration degree.
Thereby you’re able to integrate the personalisation tool, to configure it, to stylise it and to offer your own ergonomic solution.


<!-- Definition of the div that will contain the tool --><div id="heidiContainer"></div>

<!-- Library importation --><script src=""></script><script src=""></script>

<!-- Initialisation--><script >var editor = SakuraEditor.getInstance();editor.init("heidiContainer",1650, 550, "#token#", "#config#", #patternId# ,false);</script>


The documentation of this API is available via: