Module presentation

The personalisation module HEIDI.

Based on numerous partnerships in the area of on demand printing e-commerce our team of developers generated a module to personalise individually objects, accessories and fashion, named HEIDI.

The Saas solution is 100% compatible with the CMS Prestashop, Magento and Wordpress, furthermore HEIDI can be integrated in any other e-shop since we have the possibility to deliver an API for its installation.

The online personalisation module HEIDI enables to administrate an unlimited number of printing areas on any medium. T-Shirt, sweater, wall art, mug, memory stick, shoes, bag, triptych, puzzle, bathrobe… The keynote of this tool is the ability to adapt to any medium that is big enough to affix a printing area on it.

Why using Heidi ?

Online personalisation positions itself as a second growth leverage for e-boutiques. Nowadays personalisation is not anymore reserved to the big luxury brands, it’s accessible for everyone.

Apart from providing you a personalisation solution, the module Heidi enables your e-boutique to be linked to a production facility based in Pessac, nearby Bordeaux. Every printing technology is available there:

  • 5.000 m²
  • 3 areas, each 20 machines
  • Innovative printing system
  • Industrial equipment 100% digital
  • Up to 10.000 different objects, products and books per day.

The 100% just-in-time production makes it possible for you to store unlimited series if required.

The functionality of the module

The personalisation module is complete and proposes a big plenty of functionalities to your users:

  • Providing an administration tool of the module in its back office (creation, modification, duplication and removal of the patterns)
  • Add unlimited pictures from your computer, Facebook or Instagram
  • Add unlimited text elements
  • Possibility to retouch the uploaded pictures: brightness, contrast, effects (black&white, sepia, negative…)
  • Possibility to stylise their text: changing the colour, the font, the style (bold, italic…)
  • Actions on text elements and pictures: rotation, enlarge/reduce, repositioning of an element via drag&drop, removal
  • Sharing their creations in Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and sending them per mail to one or several recipients
  • Saving their creation by sharing in their networks or just to finalise it at a later date
  • Possibility to activate a 3D view on your personalized product
  • Possibility to parameterize one or several printing areas per product (on a t-shirt you can personalise for example 2 separated areas on the back site)
  • Possibility to parameterize one or several sides per product and printing areas (on a t-shirt for example: possibility to personalise the front side, the right sleeve, the left sleeve and the back side, as well as to configure several printing areas on each of these sides)
  • A creation mode to help the user to benefit of the already calibrated layouts on the objects out of our catalogue. In the way of a photo book the user just needs to put via drag&drop pictures in the predefined areas to reach with just little clicks a creation after his fancy.
  • Connection to the production process with the factory ImagesCorp based in Pessac, near Bordeaux. This includes that if you are not able to produce, store or deliver a range of personalized products, our module can establish the connection to the production factory that takes charge of these aspects for you.

The module is in permanent evolution; new functions are envisaged to be available in the next updates.

  • Add multi-lignes and alignements in the text (left orientated, centring…): in progress 
  • Undo / redo function on the creation
  • Underlining effect on the text

Furthermore we offer you to develop any other functionality that could be useful for you, for example: upload from other sources (Getty Image), add new effects on the picture (vintage, polarizing…), add new fonts and colours for the text … etc.

The restriction system of the module

The personalisation module Heidi offers also the administration of advanced restrictions. Define the nature of a personalisation area (text element or picture), limit the number of characters, the number of pictures…
So far our exhaustive list of supported restrictions:

  • Define the number of pictures: equal / greater than / less than
  • Define the number of text elements: equal / greater than / less than
  • Define the upper limit of characters: less than x characters
  • Typography: equal font x
  • Colour: color =
  • Size of the typography: Font size =
  • Move an element: authorised or not via the restriction Move
  • Enlarging a picture or an text element: authorised or not via the restriction Scale
  • Rotation of picture or text element: authorised or not via the restriction Rotate
  • Activation of filters on a pictures: authorised or not via the restriction Filters