Installation of the Prestashop module

Installation of the module Heidi


  • Prestashop compability from version 1.5
  • Writing permissions for the override folder
  • Writing permissions for the root website to put in crossdomain.xml

Furthermore we can set in motion the tutorial that enables you to install the module.
Attention though, the module is not able to be installed with a unique token that will be given once with the licence for using the contractualised module.  


1. Download and install the personalisation module Heidi in the Prestashop module.

2. Check if the configuration of the module is complete.

This configuration is in place by default since the installation of the module.
If you use a particular theme you’re eventually supposed to change ‘Editor div’.
It’s about the ID of the div that will contain the personalisation tool.

3. To finish the installation request your host to configure the following cron every 5 minutes:

That’s it, your module is installed and configured in your Prestashop. 

As already mentioned the personalisation module Heidi can be also offered with the option "production relay".
This enables you to subcontract the entire or parts of your production of personalised objects.
In this case another handling is necessary therefore: the installation of the module ImagesCorp.

Installation of the complementary module Imagescorp


  • Has to be installed after Heidi


1. Download and install Imagescorp into the Prestashop module.

2. Configure your module

Description of the domaine: 

  • Module Heidi: Make sure the module Heidi is already installed
  • Host URL: The url of your boutique (example )
  • Url of the API: Use
  • Status list: indicate the correspondent status
  • Then save

3. Configure your sites with the token that is communicated by our services.

If you’ve ever been not able to dispose it, contact us with the following address 
Remember to leave your last name, first name, contact information, the url of your site(s) and their version of prestashop.

4. Activate your boutique.

Then save again. 

5. Request your host to configure the following cron:

  • Every hour:
  • Every 5 minutes:

6. Importe your products from the catalogue -> Imagescorp -> Importe the products

Henceforth there’s nothing left to do apart from creating the patterns of your customizable products!